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Meetings and solutioning plagued by tired methods, competing interests, or an imbalance of practicality v. creativity that leaves teams confused or uninspired?


ImproVision will work with you to design and facilitate a meeting (or series of meetings) that break through using design thinking methodology, creativity-unlocking frameworks and exercises, and candid collaboration that gets hearts and minds aligned.

Whether designing an innovative product, breaking into a new market, getting in front of market disruption, or sharing information across silos, your team will come away inspired, committed, and focused on a clear plan of attack.


"Ideas that Work" is our rallying cry. We know that the way ideas are built directly impacts how easy they are to implement. These guiding principles keep us on track to create big ideas with momentum and buy in

Image by Jaime Lopes

Best Meetings Ever

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  • Get the right people in the room

  • Connect human to human

  • Celebrate failure as a necessary part of the process

  • No accountability = No progress

  • Everybody contributes, hierarchy be damned

  • Creativity requires bravery and support

Shannan's workshop added tremendous value to our organization. She created a transformative and reflective experience that was simultaneously fun and engaging.”

David Leipziger, Net Impact at UCLA Anderson School of Management

Los Angeles, CA

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