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Change is hard.
We have your back.

We are a "special forces" leadership consultancy that specializes in accelerating your strategy by equipping your people with the communication, innovation, and agility tools to thrive in constant change.

We do this through proven, fun, action-based learning that transforms hearts, hands, and minds, so your people power strategy and results.

We are trusted interactive coaches and facilitators who empower leaders to transform others by first transforming themselves. Our mission is not to simply help you navigate change...


Our mission is to help you BE THE CHANGE.

cUSTOM soLUTIONS TO YOUR toughest people challenges 

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Team building & Development

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We PARTNER with you
a BESPOKE TOOLKIT For EXECUTIVES & business Leaders 

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1-on-1 & small group leadership coaching tailored to develop inspiring, authentic, and influential leaders of tomorrow.

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Training & Community Building

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Engaging & applied experiences empower your leaders and teams to innovate, collaborate, communicate, and create magic together.

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Strategic Facilitation

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Facilitated, high-impact meetings combine design thinking & improvisation to tackle your teams' biggest challenges 

grounded in THE
improvisational COMDEY Principle:

Yes, and...

backed by Our unique approach

Fun as a strategy

researched-backed best practiceS

results-based solutions

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Shannan Scarselletta
Improvision Founder and CEO

Shannan is passionate about empowering executives, leaders and teams to fearlessly grow, change, and create magic together by delivering bespoke, hands-on solutions to clients' human capital challenges 

As the founder of Improvision, Shannan combines her experiences as both a professional organizational strategy consultant for Fortune 500 clients and a professional improviser and storyteller to create fun and transformational learning experiences. 

CLIENTS & Partners

“I’ve been attending facilitated meetings for over 25 years at Apple, Lionsgate, NBC, and PicsArt. Yesterday's meeting with ImproVision Consulting was by far, the best I’ve ever been a part of.

Chris Gard, Head of Creative at PicsArt

San Francisco, CA


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