ImproVision's mission is to catalyze growth, leadership, and innovation by empowering organizations and individuals to practice the core improvisational skill: "Yes, And."

ImproVision's solution-focused workshops are interactive and engaging sessions that develop the skills and behaviors critical to succeeding as a team — all through improv comedy exercises. 

From an hour-long team building session to a week-long skills-focused workshop, each ImproVision solution is customized to fit your group size, budget and schedule, and target your organization's specific goals, including:

​Shannan Scarselletta*, founder and lead facilitator of ImproVision, will lead your team through a mix of simple to hilarious improv comedy exercises and thoughtful facilitated discussion, using her experience as both a professional improvisor and organizational consultant to get your team listening, adapting, and creating magic together. 

Contact us to learn more about creating an ImproVision workshop that meets your goals and budget!

*Additional facilitators will be provided depending on group size. We will happily travel to facilitate a workshop in your location!

  • Community Building

  • Innovation

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Inclusion & Diversity

  • Building Trusted Client Partnerships

  • Presence, Presentations & Public Speaking

  • Managing Change

Client Raves

Love from Previous Workshops

One of the best training classes I've ever attended. The PERFECT balance of activity, group discussion, and instructor-led dialogue. The team building engagement was some of the best I've experienced!”

Monumental Sports Workshop Participant (Washington, DC)

Improvising a scene is group problem solving in its rawest form. Improvisors must "Yes, And" themselves and others to create that magic that appears seamless, but is completely made up on the spot.

In order to create a fun and cohesive improvised performance (think Whose Line is it Anyway), performers learn to embrace ("Yes") and build upon ("Yes, and") the diverse ideas of their teammates. Judgment of both yourself and others is suspended as players and learn the excitement, challenges, and rewards of entrusting their success to the team.

Forward thinking organizations like Fast Company and Pixar use improv to build critical skills for group brainstorming, public speaking, and relating authentically to clients and coworkers. My goal is to help organizations adopt the improv principle “Yes, And” to drive a culture of innovation, collaboration, and confidence.

what can we learn from improv comedy?


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