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Practical Training

Practical Training Builds the Skills and Connections to Power Business Results, from C-Suite to front-line.

Say bye-bye to slides! Our hands-on learning programs are designed to help all leaders – from executive suite to “every seat” – thrive in the people-side of growing businesses.         


Fun is our strategy. We unlock learning, skills, and team dynamics using practical exercises inspired by storytelling and improvisation. We know that laughter opens hearts and minds – which makes change stick.        


We use research-backed, practical learning. Our interactive learning combines the latest organizational thought leadership and frameworks with hands-on practice, so participants can easily transfer skills to work.          


We design to YOUR goals. Your people investment should move the needle in achieving your strategic goals. That’s why our modularized programs are designed to be customized to your culture and big picture goals.

From 10 to 100,000 employees, from in person to virtual, we are experts in scalable, interactive programming that keep learners engaged and growing - no matter where they are.

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Align: Alignment, Clarity & Purpose
  • Team Building for Meetings, Conferences, and Virtual Events

  • Leading High Performing Cultures & Teams

  • Communicating Strategy: Clear & Compelling Vision & Roadmap

  • Personal Influence & Authentic Leadership

  • Leading Change

  • Persuasive Communication & Storytelling 

  • Psychological Safety, Trust, and Accountability

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

  • Personal Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence & Growth Mindset

  • Conflict Management, Assertiveness, and Radical Candor

  • Be the Change Mini Workshop: Modeling the Future


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Spark: Innovation Accelerant

  • Unlocking Innovation in Teams (Psychological Safety)

  • Collaboration Boot Camp

  • Problem-Solving, Ideation, and Design Thinking

  • Leading Effective Meetings (Virtual, Hybrid, in Person) 

  • Break through Problem Solving (“Yes, And” Creativity Bootcamp)

  • Cross-functional Communication  & Influence

  • Conflict & Accountability

  • Time and Focus Management

  • Resilience through Continuous Change

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Lead: Leadership Bootcamp

Leading Self

  • EQ, Accountability, & Growth Mindset

  • Time, Focus, and Stress Management

  • Vanquishing Imposter Syndrome

  • Leadership Presence & Presentation Skills 

  • Values- & Strengths- Based Leadership

Leading Others

  • How Leaders Build High Performing Teams (Leader v. Manager)

  • Employee Performance & Engagement Toolkit: Coaching, Feedback, and Mentorship

  • Persuasive Communication & Storytelling

  • Leading Effective Meetings (Virtual, Hybrid, in Person) 

  • Conflict Management, Assertiveness, and Radical Candor

  • Storytelling for Scientists, Engineers, and Technical Thinkers

  • Leading Dispersed Teams (Hybrid Leadership Toolkit)

Leading Culture

  • Managing Up; Managing Out

  • Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious Bias, and Microaggressions

  • Community Building 

Leading Client

  • Front Line Customer Service

  • Relationship-Based Sales

  • Negotiation

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Adapt: Organizational Change & Resiliency

  • Embracing Change

  • Resilience through Continuous Change

  • Time, Focus, & Stress Management

  • Radical Candor, Assertiveness, & Trust Building

  • Leading Change from Every Seat

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Engaging, dynamic, and instructive!
Participants are able to pick up valuable skills while enjoying themselves in the process. We look forward to having Shannan back!”

Wayne Dorris, Houston Organizational Development Network

Houston, TX

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