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ImproVision's Mission is to empower the next generation of agile, innovative, connected leaders and teams.

meet shannan

Shannan Scarselletta founded ImproVision to help leaders and teams discover the power of joy, authenticity, and passion at work.

As a management consultant working with fortune 500 companies to define and implement transformational strategies, ImproVision founder Shannan Scarselletta made a discovery.

No matter how perfect their solution, or how pretty their slides, her clients' success was always determined by their ability to communicate, innovate, collaborate, and adapt. And yet, they often assumed that these skills were innate, or simply slow to develop. 

By night, Shannan performed and taught improv in cities across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, New Orleans, and Houston, and soon realized that the “hard-to-reach” skills that drove influence and innovation – agility, creativity, and listening - were the same that improvisers worked each practice. 


Circle peg, meet circle hole.

Since founding ImproVision in 2015, Shannan has empowered organizations across oil and gas, advertising, consulting, education, and professional associations to grow, lead, and innovate through the core improv skill “Yes, And.” 


Do the thing that scares you.

Innovation is outside your comfort zone. Fear of failure is the greatest obstacle to innovation. And yet you don't wake up one day fearless. 

In our leadership coaching, improv training, and innovation labs, you will follow your fear to strange and uncomfortable places. You will practice taking risks, practice resilience through failure, and get comfortable with the unknown.

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