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The Power of Yes, And

ImproVision is a serious leadership consultancy with the heart of an improviser. 


 That means that all of our learning experiences are fueled by play, and powered by the magic of "Yes, And."

"Yes, And" is the improv principle of embracing ("Yes") and building upon ("And") newly introduced ideas. 

And as simple as it seems, research shows that this short phrase has the ability to activate better brainstorming, trust building, conflict resolution, collaboration, resiliency, and influence. Basically, the hardest parts of leadership and teaming.

Why? Because, at work, our analytical brains are in high gear. To avoid risk, we become exceptional at rooting out what WON'T work. We defend, we protect, we resist, we control. And it is really hard to lead innovative, adaptive teams when we're constantly saying "No, But."

"Yes, And" is a concrete tool to help us shift out of judgment and fear, and into curiosity and connection.


At ImproVision, when we say "fun is our strategy," we mean that we integrate fun, creative, human-centered activities into all of our programming. When we see you laugh and connect, we know you're ready to try, fail, share, and grow. To find what's working and to build on that. To be vulnerable and brave. To "Yes, And."

It's backed up by neuroscience. And it feels like magic.

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