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the 2-Hour

virtual All Hands

With work gone virtual, are you struggling with whether to cancel this year’s All Hands?

Or feeling overwhelmed by how to do it well? 

We’re here to help. 

Whether your organization is committed to working from home, or transitioning back to the office, it’s hard to imagine asking your team to pretend to enjoy even more time in front of their computers for the sake of a gathering.


But here’s the thing: this is the year when we are feeling more separate and alone than ever.


So, will you back down from the challenge of building connection virtually, or will you push your comfort zone to create a new experience?




 Is your team struggling to connect beyond work?

Many haven’t found a replacement for those watercooler conversations that once sparked collaboration, fresh ideas, and a sense of belonging. Relationships drive business results. There are real costs to innovation, productivity, and even retention up ahead.




You’re right! They don’t want more of the same “being talked at” Zoom calls. But (like you) they are hungry to connect as humans, to laugh, to grow their skills, to share their experiences from the past year, and to stretch the unused spaces of their brains. 



Whether your 2021 office is online or in person, change is going to keep on coming, ready or not! Skills like emotional intelligence, adaptability, creative collaboration, leading multi-locational teams, inclusive teaming, and leading change will continue to drive performance in whatever comes next.



This year was rough...on everyone.If you feel (even slightly) lonely, disconnected, and discouraged - imagine how someone feels who has less power to change that. The way you show up for your team right now is what defines your culture.

why invest in a 2020 all hands

It is more critical than ever to invest in the relationships, creativity, and communication skills that keep you growing during the good times and afloat during hard times.

2 hours to a stronger team

Our 2-Hour Virtual All Hands takes the guess-work out of creating a truly connected growth experience. We’ve combined our unparalleled experience unleashing joy and potential at team building and learning events for businesses worldwide with our knowledge of the topics people are hungry for right now to create a streamlined, breath-of-fresh-air experience. Here’s what we offer:

1. Experiential learning powered by fun: Minimum slides, maximum engagement. We integrate exercises from improvisation and storytelling … so belly laughs unlock learning, shatter “presentation mode,” and connect your team in a safe, human space.

2. Peace of mind. Let us take care of this for you. It's been a long year, and if planning one more virtual event feels exhausting, we're here to take that off your plate. 

3. An opportunity to integrate into a broader agenda: Want to create time for brainstorming or goal setting? We got your back. We can advise you on design a powerful beginning-to-end experience, AND facilitate a dynamite brainstorming session with broad input, clear outcomes, and actionable next steps.

4. Hyper-relevant, out-of-the-box workshop topics: We’ll help you choose the theme that will resonate with your team, and we’ll handle the rest.


Topics include: 

  • Virtual Creative Collaboration

  • Virtual Communication Skills

  • Personal Resilience through Hard Times

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • Virtual Relationship Building & Networking

  • Healthy Conflict and Boundary Setting

  • “Yes, And” Agile Teaming

  • Values-Based Leadership 

Don’t see your topic? Let us know your goals and challenges and we’ll craft the right program for you.​

“I’ve been attending facilitated meetings for over 25 years at Apple, Lionsgate, NBC, and PicsArt. Yesterday's meeting with ImproVision Consulting was by far, the best I’ve ever been a part of.

Chris Gard, Head of Creative at PicsArt

San Francisco, CA

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