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Meet Shannan

Shannan Scarselletta founded ImproVision to help leaders and teams make a greater impact with greater joy.

Before starting ImproVision, I was a Fortune 500 change consultant at IBM and a smaller consultancy called North Highland. I learned that the best change leaders were those who could thrive in ambiguity. Instead of talking at a resistant peer, they would listen - a much more effective, and scarier approach.


At the same time, my “night job” was that I was a very experienced storyteller and improviser (like, improv comedy). I learned that the skills my clients needed to lead change - effective listening, bravery, EQ, adaptiveness, communication - were the same skills I learned through improv. It sparked an idea to help leaders lead change using fun, practice-based learning that incorporated the tools of improvisation. 


Since then, ImproVision has evolved to a deeply experienced leadership consultancy with the heart of an improviser. We are the only consultancy that helps leaders activate research-backed best practice using fun, action-based learning. That unique combination of fun, proven, practical expertise helps us fast track leadership growth by empowering hearts, hands, and minds.


To be a good leader in constantly changing times, it takes guts. To be great, it takes resilience and the ability to connect with, conflict with, influence, and inspire people to be greater versions of themselves. I started ImproVision to help leaders build that toolkit to unlock transformation in others. 


To transform others, leaders must transform ourselves first. That’s why our mission is not just to help you create change - but to Be the Change.

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